June was such an enjoyable and Award winning month.

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June has been such an enjoyable month; I feel as though I’m well immersed in a good old English Summer already.  Waking up every morning to reliably cobalt blue shimmering skies, dressing in the lightest of clothes, walking on dry daisy filled grass feeling it prickle and gentle my bare toes, cushioning tired winter feet; this is what summer is!


Morning inspections in the garden, inhaling the perfumed air, I stand and bathe in its sweetness; huge pink roses exploding with warm, spicy, lemony fragrance whilst nodding foxgloves bend to the breeze.  I’ve picked armfuls of the roses, beginning the process now of drying and preserving them to use later in the year in our soaps and moisturisers, hoping to capture a little of this golden moment, this hot perfumed energy.


June also delivered ANNWYN Botanicals a new Skincare Award: The Free From Skincare Awards 2023 and we are delighted to have won a Bronze Award for our ‘Hydrating Hand & Body lotion with Wild Mint & Nettle’, in the highly contested ‘Body Leave on’ category.  We make many moisturising lotions, and I love them all, each has its particular time, its skin, its person and place, but on hot steamy mornings out of the shower, and sleepy muggy bedtimes, this is the one!  Refreshing and cooling, soothing and relaxing, hugely moisturising and immediately absorbed.


What a delightful month it’s been, and with flowers and herbs beginning to hang from beams and hooks and new plants bursting into bloom, I can’t wait for the next few weeks of summer.

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