Our story

ANNWYN - From the Earth

ANNWYN is the old Celtic word for ‘the Otherworld'. Our Celtic ancestors believed that in the Otherworld, all good things came, or grew, from beneath The Earth. So from this, our mission is to reconnect people to the natural world, to raise awareness of the importance of the ingredients we ‘feed’ our skin, the largest organ in the body as we know, and first line of defence against infection.

We are lifelong nature lovers, gardeners and dog walkers, lucky to live in a beautiful rural area, from which we draw endless inspiration, constant learning, and a passion to keep creating beautiful and natural plant based skincare.

With so many people living uncomfortably in their skin, we know so much of this suffering can be eased and even turned around completely through the nourishing use of plant based, natural skincare products, free from artificial ingredients and irritants.

our work practices

All of our products are made in small batches which helps ensure tight quality control and maximises shelf life for orders.

We are proud to formulate and manufacture all of our own products 'in house', and this means we not only build continually on our expertise and understanding of every process, but we have a complete knowledge of every detail of every aspect that affects our skincare range. From the start of the process - concept for a product - identifying and sourcing raw botanical ingredients - formulating an effective, safe and pleasant to use product - trials - manufacture and packaging. Nothing is outsourced.

Our industry awards give the products status and recognition, and they give the business an ever keener enthusiasm to reach more people with pure and natural botanical skincare products, so they may live more comfortably in their skin.


NATURAL We only use natural botanicals, herbs and essential oils. We do not use harmful chemicals or artifical fragrances.

ETHICAL our bioployer bottles are made from sugar cane waste and biodegradable and, like all of our packaging, recyclable.

VEGAN FRIENDLY All of our products are vegetarian friendly and most are suitable for vegans (we use beeswax in one of our lip balms and one of our shampoos, there are vegan alternatives to both)

SENSITIVE We have taken care to formlate our products to be as kind and gentle as possible to even the most sensitive skin.