Children, Misuse of adult skincare products & Social Media Pressures

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Children, Adult skincare products, Social Media Pressures

Another Perfect Storm

There’s a lot in the media at the moment relating to children and very young teenagers using adult skincare products, with the inevitable damaging consequences.  As adults we understand the power social media exerts, and we have opportunities to do our own research should we wish to. However, this virulent and alarming new trend in skincare mis representing and misuse is targeting very vulnerable young children who are not so well equipped to balance and verify the information they read.

These young children and early teens are already hyper aware of their appearance, it is literally everything to them, and social media already controls this pivotal space, making platforms such as tik tok ideal to distribute this misinformation.  It is so sad to see youngsters themselves duped into promoting products to each other, products designed for much older skins, products which will at best do nothing for them other than waste their money, and at worst will damage their skin, perhaps even permanently.

At ANNWYN Botanicals we just want to be very clear about this: unless you have a specific skincare issue such as eczema, before puberty, your skin is already so perfect and so beautiful it is in every way a skincare model’s dream and no amount of topically applied products could ever improve on it.

 A simple daily washing routine is all that is needed, and we would recommend starting the way you mean to continue, by choosing natural botanical washes and soaps, free from all artificial fragrances and other harmful non-natural ingredients. 

 If you want to start young and learn one important thing it is this: many artificial ingredients such as ‘fragrance’ cause allergic reactions even on adult skin, and many exfoliating cleansers ‘work’ by stripping the top layers of skin through the use of acids in the products.  Commercial skincare preparations are a minefield of toxic ingredients, many would revolt you if you knew what they were.  Until you learn how to read an ingredients list, exactly as you would read the list of ingredients on the food you eat, be very careful what you put on your beautiful skin.

 Not only should children not be using these adult skincare products at all, on reaching an age where they become applicable, we cannot stress enough how essential it is to choose pure, natural products, made only from botanical ingredients, such as our own at ANNWYN Botanicals and many other similar very excellent brands.

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