Wild Nettle

The Origins

According to the Anglo-Saxon Nine Herbs Charm, nettles were used as protection against 'elf-shot' (mysterious pains in humans and livestock caused by the elvin folk) and 'flying venom' (believed at the time to be one of the four primary causes of illness). In Norse myth, nettles are associated with Thor, the god of thunder, and Loki, the trickster god whose magical fishing net is made from them. In Celtic lore, thick strands of nettles indicate that there are fairy dwellings close by, and the sting of the nettle protects the fairy against mischief, black magic and other forms of sorcery.

The Science

Used for its cleansing, clarifying and emollient effects in natural skincare products, it is especially soothing and effective for dry and sensitive skin.

The Products

Tinctures are often used in combination with other herbs for skin problems and ANNWYN combines nettle with sweet, soft spearmint oil, known for its decongesting properties for problem skin.

It soothes itches, is naturally antiseptic and anti-fungal and can be found in the following ANNWYN products:

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