A rich, hydrating cream with a high % of organic ingredients (§), suitable for face, arms, legs, body. Cooling and soothing, with borage, peach kernel and rosehip seed oils for their healing and skin-conditoning properties. This product is gentle on sensitive skin and easily absorbed. With no added essential oils this is fragrance free.


How to use: take a little cream in your fingertips and apply gently to the skin. Smooth evenly, following your natural contours. Take care to avoid sensitive areas around the eyes and any damaged skin.  Take time to enjoy the soothing feeling on your skin.


For sensitive skin, all skin types.


60g / 120g

Sensitive Skin Moisturising Cream Fragrance Free

  • Aqua
    Borago officinalis seed oil (§)
    Prunus persica kernel oil (§)
    Rosa canina fruit oil (§)
    Sodium stearoyl lactylate
    Glyceryl stearate
    Butyrospermum parkii
    Cetearyl alcohol
    Pomegrante glycerol
    Salvia hispanica seed oil
    Helianthus annuus seed oil

    Phenoxyethanol ethylhexylglycerin

    (§) organic