Combining our duo of anti viral products - our hand and body wash with tea tree and lemon thyme, and our hand sanitiser with tea tree and witch hazel.


Hand Wash


A natural botanical hand and body wash/shower gel/bath soap; soft and gentle on the skin.  Made from 99% naturally derived ingredients, ANNWYN’s botanical wash has abundant foam and helps moisturise and condition the skin at its natural pH level. Naturally anti viral and cleansing with tea tree and lemon thyme, this wash has a spicy herbal fragrance which is both refreshing and gentle on the skin.


How to use: 

- As a handwash, apply a little to the palm and add warm water for a natural cleansing lather.

- In the shower, take a little in your palm and apply to wet skin to form a silky aromatic lather.

- In the bath, take a little in the palm of your hand and combine with running water for a beautifully-scented soapy lather.


For all skin types.




Hand Sanitiser


Our sanitiser is made with 75% isopropyl alcohol, with added tea tree and thyme essential oils, known for their antimicrobial properties. With added witch hazel, this is an effective hand sanitiser that leaves hands lightly fragranced after the alcohol has evaporated.


How to use:

- Spritz a little into the palms and fingers and rub all over the hands. Take care to cover the spaces between the fingers.

- Avoid broken or damaged skin.


For all skin types.



Anti Viral Hand Wash & Hand Sanitiser Combo

  • Handwash

    Sodium coco sulphate
    Cocoamidopopyl betaine
    Decyl glucoside
    Capryl capryl glucoside
    Lauryl glucoside
    Aloe barbadensis leaf powder
    Glyceryl oleate
    Citric acid
    Levulinic acid
    Sodium levulinate
    Sodium phytate
    Sodium benzoate
    Melaleuca alternafolia

    Thymus citriodorus

    *naturally occurring compounds in essential oils



    Isopropyl alcohol

    Hamamelis virginia leaf water


    Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil

    Thymus vulgaris leaf oil

    *naturally occurring compounds in essential oils

  • Suitable for vegans.