Alice Lavin & Molly - Annwyn Botanicals

ANNWYN Botanicals bounced into life one spring; conceived from a love of wild, natural places and born to celebrate the beautiful plants and herbs that grow all around us...

We have lived on the North York Moors for over 25 years, moving ever deeper into the wild and hidden places and enjoying every violet and foxglove, every curlew and hunting owl, oaks twisted with lichen and heather scoured by winter storms. The smell that comes from the wet earth speaks of goodness and riches.

With such growing awareness of the origins of our food and its ingredients, it seems surprising that more attention is not paid to the food we feed our skin. Many of us have suffered from dry or irritated skin and without meaning to, have continued to use the very products which cause these problems in the first place: harsh petrochemical by-products seductively packaged, promising eternal beauty but delivering dried out, damaged skin. So many people’s lives are governed by their unhappy skin - our body’s largest organ - but it’s really quite simple: above all else it wants to breathe, not clogged with molecules too large to pass its surface.

So, frustrated by the lack of genuinely wholesome and natural products on the market and inspired by the North York Moors and the fertile energy that bursts from the earth all around us, we decided to capture this pure energy, to, in fact, put it in a bottle. Natural vegetable oils and butters are absorbed by the skin in different ways and at different rates, and their properties vary tremendously. Through careful blending we have achieved gentle yet effective synergies of these natural ingredients, which combine to produce products packed with wholesome goodness and subtle uplifting aromas.