Borage Oil

The Origins

Borage oil originates from the Middle East and was widely sought after by the Romans who believed it instilled happiness in people. The leaves and flowering tops of borage have traditionally been used to drive away sorrow and melancholy from a man's heart and to instil joy, happiness and comfort. According to Dioscorides and Pliny, when steeped in wine, borage leaves would bring absolute forgetfulness.

The Science

From a pretty blue flower, borage oil has an exceptionally high content of gamma linolenic acid which helps combat skin dryness, loss of suppleness and wrinkling. GLA is needed by the body to make prostaglandins which are an essential part of the repair and maintenance action of the body. With good levels of GLA, the skin is more tolerant to sunlight on a daily basis and the skin heals quicker.

The Products

As it is suitable for all skin types and easily absorbed, it leaves the skin feeling soft and more flexible, and we therefore use it in most of our hand, face and body moisturisers.

You can find borage oil in the following ANNWYN products:

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